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Connecting Worlds, Sharing Cultures

EPI recognizes the immense value of connecting people from diverse backgrounds—enabling them to share their knowledge, skills, and perspectives. For participants, we offer a transformative journey that expands horizons, fosters cultural understanding, and personal and professional growth. Employers benefit from the fresh perspectives, diverse skill sets, and cross-cultural insights brought by our participants. At EPI, cultural exchange is not just a responsibility but a profound dedication to fostering a better world.

EPI Celebrates the Importance of Cultural Exchange

As an Exchange Visitor Program Sponsor, we at EPI celebrate the importance of cultural exchange and exchange teachers' impact on American students preparing for a global society. We provide outstanding support for our teachers as they adapt to a new country, city, and school assignment. We facilitate opportunities for our teachers to enjoy cultural activities while promoting personal and professional growth.

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Our Mission

Help our schools prepare our students for a global economy. Our teachers educate future educators, business leaders, and diplomats who understand other cultures and languages.

Promote American ideas, values, and traditions to other countries. When our teachers return home, they share their US experiences.

EPI Mission Pieces


Connect educators across the world. Exchange teachers participate in cross-cultural activities in US schools and communities.

Build mutual understanding between the people of the US and other countries. Support and advance US foreign policy goals.

EPI Helps Teachers and Schools Have a Great Experience

We believe in opportunities for authentic cultural exchange. We are committed to placing the best teacher possible in every school. We are dedicated to supporting our teachers culturally and professionally so that they may provide sound instruction and become valuable members of the school faculty. By choosing EPI, you create an exchange opportunity for students worldwide to expand their global perspectives and grow from the experience.

EPI Understands Cultural Exchange

EPI is owned and operated by career educators with a combined experience of more than 30 years in international teacher recruitment, placement, and support. We understand the importance of teacher quality and its impact on student performance, especially in these times of high accountability.

One of my dreams had always been becoming the greatest teacher for my students. Participating as an EPI teacher made my dreams become a reality. I have grown exponentially in my profession in the past three years thanks to all the professional development from my school and EPI.

Fiorella G.

Fiorella G.

Mathematics Teacher from Nicaragua

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