The EPI Advantage

EPI is committed to placing the best teacher possible in every school. We are dedicated to supporting our teachers personally and professionally so that they can provide sound instruction and become a valuable member of the school faculty. By choosing EPI, you are creating an exchange opportunity for students all over the world to expand their global perspectives and grow from the experience.

EPI is owned and operated by career educators with a combined experience of more than 25 years in international teacher recruitment, placement, and support. We understand the importance of teacher quality and its impact on student performance, especially in these times of high accountability.


EPI helps teachers and schools have a great experience

As an Exchange Visitor Program Sponsor, EPI celebrates the importance of cultural exchange and the impact exchange teachers have on American students preparing for a global society. EPI provides outstanding support for its teachers as they adapt to a new country, city and school assignment as well as facilitates opportunities for them to enjoy cultural activities. EPI promotes personal and professional growth for teachers while in the U.S. and assists with the transition for the return home when the program has ended.