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Teach in the USA with EPI

We're looking for adventurous teachers ready to share their culture and experience life in the United States. Our top priority is our teachers. We find the best teachers from across the globe. Teaching with EPI provides possibilities for professional growth and cross-cultural activities.

Our teachers stay in the United States for up to five (5) years on a J-1 visa. At the end of the program, our teachers return to their home countries with improved professional skills and ready to share the culture of the United States. We are a private organization that provides exchange opportunities for K-12 teachers from both the public and private sectors.


of EPI Teachers...

Are paid on the same salary scale as US teachers.

Receive local & in-class support from EPI.

Receive access to our 24/7 support line to help in emergencies.

Teacher Benefits

Our support model guides teachers and provides them with world-class resources, including our online learning and networking center. Our teachers are ready with a cellphone, interest-free loan, bank account, and daily transportation plan. Our teachers can contact us anytime via our emergency response telephone number.

Competitive Salary

J Visa Sponsorship for You and Your Immediate Family

Legal Assistance through the Visa Process

Pre-Arrival Orientation

Travel Assistance to the USA and Local Community

EPI Arrival Orientation and District Onboarding

Temporary and Permanent Housing Assistance

Personalized Relocation Assistance

Banking Assistance

Interest-Free Relocation Loan

Daily Transportation Planning

Health Insurance Aid

Assistance Acquiring a US Teaching License

Ongoing Instructional Support

Continuing Professional Development

Online Learning and Networking Center

Around-the-Clock Availability

Share Your Culture

Teachers who join our program are passionate about cultural exchange and the difference it makes in the world. Our teachers are cultural ambassadors who share their traditions and values.

Through cultural exchange activities, you'll be able to share your culture and passions with your US students. This video features some of our Latin American teachers bringing their home countries to their schools.

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Teacher Requirements

Applying is always free, and we accept all teaching subjects! All you need to start your application is an email address. As you work through our online application, the EPI team will assist you every step of the way!

Required Qualifications

  • Bachelor's Degree or US Equivalent
  • Non-US Residency or Non-US Citizenship
  • Advanced Proficiency in English - For Self-Assessment Guide, click here
  • 2 Years Teaching Experience After Date of Bachelor's Degree
  • Currently Teaching

Required Documents

  • Professional Profile Picture
  • Professional References from Administrators
  • Passport
  • Criminal Record Check
  • Diplomas and Transcripts
  • Certified Translation of any Required Documents

EPI has guided me from the time I contacted them to convey my interest to the program until now that I am already in the United States. They are with me every step of the way. They have a very professional, friendly and approachable staff that you can always contact 24/7. They consider every EPI teacher their own family. I am currently enjoying my job as a Science teacher at the same time sharing Philippine culture with my students and colleagues who are very interested to know my country. Everyone in South Carolina, from the school, to the district office and to every offices and places I go, they are very friendly and accommodating. I cannot ask for more but am very grateful to EPI for giving me the chance to experience this once in a lifetime opportunity. Keep it up EPI, hold on to your ideals!

Archibeth F.

Archibeth F.

Middle School Science Teacher from Philippines

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For Schools in the USA:

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