Launch Your Classroom!

Launch Your Classroom! from Educational Partners International is a multi-platform resource, utilizing books and instructional videos to cover everything you need to know to succeed in the classroom.

Filled with proven, reliable advice from career teachers and education experts, Launch Your Classroom! includes tips for building student relationships, managing the classroom, planning engaging lessons, and more!

Teachers placed in EPI's cultural exchange program receive these books for free.

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A Must-Read for Teachers

Inside each book, you’ll find some of the most effective ways to begin the school year and keep your students on track from start to finish. We’ve transformed years of classroom practice and instructional theory into practical advice you can implement now. You can read the ebooks on your Kindle eReader, or on any of Amazon’s free Kindle reading apps for your computer, tablet, or smartphone.

Launch Your Classroom! is great for:

New Teachers

International Teachers

Teachers Returning to the Classroom

Launch Your Classroom!

Building a Foundation for Learning

Are you preparing for your first year teaching and confused about where to start? This book is a quick-start guide for new teachers and returning teachers to master the USA classroom.

In the first book of the Launch Your Classroom! Series, you will learn everything you need to know to ensure a successful school year before the first day of class even begins. We start with the basics, covering essential information about the USA education structure, as well as approaches for adapting to your school’s culture, designing your classroom and building rapport with students, parents, and coworkers.


Corresponding Videos:

Launch Your Classroom Management!

Creating a Well-Run Classroom

Classrooms can be unpredictable places, but with this book you will be able to maintain a disciplined and productive learning environment.

In the second book of the Launch Your Classroom! Series, we give you all the essential tips and strategies for preventing student misbehavior and intervening when they occur. Reading this book, you will learn about developing effective rules with logical consequences, establishing procedures and transitions that discourage misbehaviors, and how to appropriately react to student disruptions.


Corresponding Videos:

Launch Your Classroom Instruction!

Planning and Delivering Effective Lessons

This book is an all-inclusive guide to writing a lesson plan and delivering content to maximize student engagement for all learning styles. Designing meaningful lessons that align with learning objectives is a critical aspect of teaching, and we provide you with all the strategies to encourage active learning in your classroom.

In the third book of the Launch Your Classroom! Series, we give you information about current best practices in pedagogy and lesson planning, tips for effectively executing your lessons after you have written them, and guidance on how to use varying assessment strategies to evaluate student learning and implement differentiation successfully.


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Our Professional Development is Free for EPI Teachers

EPI strives to deliver world-class education through qualified international teachers and proven professional development programs. As part of our commitment to this mission, EPI Teachers receive each book in the Launch Your Classroom! series during their arrival orientation.

Throughout the program, each EPI Teacher works directly with our professional development and support team. EPI’s professional development model assists teachers through one-on-one instructional coaching, helping them succeed in the American classroom.