Richard Licayan in his classroom.

Richard Licayan Inspires Students Through School Science Fair

Posted on June 9, 2022 by Jessica Boyd

Science fair posters hung in hallway.

What is the best way to end the school year? This is a question all teachers ask as they search for ways to wrap up learning objectives, while reminding their students about the joy of learning. For EPI teacher Richard Licayan from the Philippines the answer came in the form of an end of year science fair. 

As part of the last day of class at Kissimmee Middle School in Kissimmee, Florida, Licayan’s honors biology students prepared poster presentations on their own science projects. These projects encapsulated the body of knowledge they gained throughout the year by asking them to perform their own scientific research. The students presented their findings to the Kissimmee Middle principal, the head of the science department, other science department teachers, and their fellow students.

Students presenting their science fair research findings.

For Licayan, the best part of the event was watching his students build confidence in their scientific skills: “I am so proud of my students for doing a great job in presenting the results of their research projects at this scientific gathering. This activity has motivated our students to take high science courses and dwell in making science research in the future. I am so excited to see the successes that they will be achieving in the future in the fields of science, engineering, technology, and math.”

The science fair succeeded in engaging students through the end of the year by giving Licayan’s students the opportunity to apply what they learned throughout the course in a hands-on project. Sharing their research with the school also gave them the opportunity to act as leaders in the field, providing them a sense of expertise in the subject as they ended the school year. Innovative teaching methods like these inspire students not only in the classroom, but for the rest of their lives.

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