Happy New Year from EPI!

EPI Wishes the Best New Year to Our Teachers

Posted on January 12, 2023 by EPI Admin

Happy New Year 2023

While the year is still young, we here at Educational Partners International (EPI) would like to take this opportunity to wish the best for all of the teachers in our program in 2023.

We hope that what remains of the 2022-2023 school year will bring a sense of joy and accomplishment to our educators and to all those whose lives are touched by their work. Teaching in any context can be a challenge, and doing so in another country brings with it a whole host of additional complications. Even so, our program members don’t just manage to continue under these circumstances, they thrive. 

Their success is evident in the achievements of their students, of course, who excel in their studies thanks to our program members’ support. Yet the influence our teachers wield extends well beyond their schools’ walls and beyond the curricula taught.

At EPI, we’re constantly amazed by what our teachers do, and we’re proud of their success as both educators and cultural ambassadors. Last year, we launched this blog in large part to shine more light on their triumphs. A full 12 months have yet to pass since then, but the blog already provides a sense of the wide range of our teachers’ talents. Our program members have guided students who have brought home awards from science fairs and art competitions. They’ve shared their expertise on podcasts and at conferences, and they’ve received awards both from their communities and from their fellow educators. To teach their subjects and to showcase their culture, they’ve donned costumes, cooked and crafted, and even sung at Carnegie Hall. 

We can’t wait to continue to spread the news here about what our teachers are doing in 2023, so readers of these posts can continue to share in our surprise, delight, and excitement at what our program members pull off.

From all of us at EPI, we wish you, our teachers, the best year in 2023. We hope that the months ahead provide you the same sense of joy and amazement that you inspire within us every single day of the year.

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