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EPI Recognizes Standout Volunteers as Local Liaison Trailblazers

Posted on May 12, 2022 by Tara Cook

Photos of 2022 Trailblazer winners

Local Liaison volunteers provide mentorship to teachers new to Educational Partners International (EPI). Made up of program members, Local Liaisons share invaluable guidance informed by personal experience. EPI recognizes those members who go beyond expectations by designating them as Local Liaison Trailblazers. 

Most of Local Liaisons’ help takes place during onboarding season, when they answer questions and assist in the search for housing. To become a Trailblazer, Local Liaisons must submit four separate ways that they have helped other program members. Efforts that earn the Trailblazers recognition run a wide gamut. They have housed incoming teachers, driven them to necessary appointments, helped in cross-cultural activities, and more. Here are the latest honorees!

Local Liaison Trailblazers

  • Marylou Abalo
  • Samar Abdelfatah
  • Domingo Alberto Jr.
  • Zoraida Cacas
  • Edward Chang
  • Angie Cruz
  • Mona De Leon
  • Dakota Fletcher
  • Julius Galpao
  • Josefa Gonzaga
  • Diana Gonzalez
  • Diana Guerra
  • Benjoe Laforteza
  • Duen Lindsay
  • Brian Madondo
  • Roger Marapo
  • Tirivanhu Muchuweni
  • Jenny Muñoz
  • Raquel Pacheco
  • Phylicia Pagador
  • Francis Parchment
  • Anna Regala
  • Emil Zamora

In addition to recognizing the Trailblazers, EPI also highlights the work of other outstanding Local Liaisons and their contributions toward helping their fellow teachers. These volunteers submitted fewer than four approved activities, but they still provided commendable and important aid to their peers:

Honorable Mentions

  • Genesis Agcaoili
  • Mireille Archer
  • Maria Arevalo
  • Claudia Castillo
  • John Chimbora
  • Maria Enriquez
  • Sharika Frater
  • Aria Hamilton
  • Dorothy Hill-Smith
  • Daniela Jayme
  • Tichaona Mhembere
  • Sophia Michelin
  • Ginalyn Muyano
  • Alexis Puljanan
  • Dulzira Ribeiro de Camargo
  • Marlene Stewart
  • Anecia Thomas

Honoree Julius Galpao said that what he enjoyed most about being a Local Liaison was “helping other EPI teachers while having fun with them at the same time.” 

Angie Cruz shared similar sentiments. “I have made friends,” she said, “helping and interacting with new teachers around the world, celebrating birthdays, going out, and having fun making memories.” 

Trailblazers receive a letter of commendation and EPI-branded gifts, in addition to the certificate regular Local Liaisons earn.

Roger Marapo with EPI branded items


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