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Christelle Corpin Leads Students to Big Wins at Local Science Fairs

Posted on September 8, 2022 by Jessica Boyd

For many educators, the joy of teaching is not just about the lessons in the classroom but mentoring their students to accomplish things in their communities that they could never have imagined. This is definitely true for EPI science teacher Christelle Corpin from the Philippines and her students at Stuart W. Cramer High School in Belmont, North Carolina.

Christelle in science lab

To build upon key concepts in her anatomy and physiology class, Corpin led students in advanced research projects that they could present to the larger science community. Two of these students won first place in the Chemistry category at the Gaston Regional Science and Engineering Fair for their research on the role of luminol in forensic and criminal sciences. 

A major accomplishment on its own, the award also opened eligibility to compete at the state level. They took their presentation to the North Carolina Science and Engineering Fair and, as two of the youngest competitors in their category, secured fourth place and an honorable mention acknowledgement. 

Corpin was honored to work with her students on such a successful project, saying, “They may not be top three, but they have come a long way, since other projects were college-level, done by seniors in science schools. I am very proud of them!”


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