Educational Partners International, LLC (EPI) is an Exchange Visitor Program. We are authorized to sponsor teachers for placements (K-12) in public, private and charter schools in North Carolina, South Carolina, Virginia, and Florida.

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EPI is owned and operated by career educators with a combined experience of more than 30 years in international teacher recruitment, placement, and support. We understand the importance of teacher quality and its impact on student performance, especially in these times of high accountability.


EPI strengthens K-12 education by discovering and empowering the world's best international teachers to facilitate authentic cultural exchange. The results include teachers and students that become lifelong learners, embrace 21st century skills, and serve as change agents in an interconnected world of global understanding.



EPI teachers inspire the best from students, schools, and communities. That's because we only recruit the best of the best. All our processes--from initial contact to ongoing support after teachers arrive in the US to our work with schools and districts--are evaluated and refined continuously to maintain the highest level of excellence.

Authentic Cultural Exchange

When students and teachers learn to value their life differences as deeply as life similarities, interacting, living, and thriving with those who are different from us becomes the norm. Peace reigns. That's why from teacher selection and placement, to school district collaboration, to EPI's impact on the world, we consistently strive to achieve the highest standards of authentic cultural exchange.


EPI works to develop a transformative experience for students, teachers, and communities, enabling time spent in the EPI program to be especially influential in their lives. As a company, we shape what's next - from the surrounding community to the rest of the world. EPI empowers a new community of thinkers, creators, and global citizens - preparing teachers and students to make a tangible, positive difference wherever they go.


EPI respects and nurtures our employees, teachers, schools, and districts. We reward and encourage employees and focus on work/life balance. We support teachers through professional development, coaching, and research-based resources. We support schools and districts by consistently providing qualified teachers focused on authentic cultural exchange.


We impact young people's lives and their future, so it's critical that we are open and honest with our teachers, schools, districts and other stakeholders each day. Every individual is treated with integrity, thoughtful care and compassion throughout the EPI process.


Debra Martin

Debra Martin, EPI’s CEO, is a former Spanish teacher, Foreign Language Program Manager, Teacher Trainer and Evaluator, and Executive Director of the Foreign Language Association of North Carolina for 15 years. She has more than 15 years of experience with the Exchange Visitor Program and Cultural Exchange Teachers. Debra is also proficient in educational technology and is a Masters certified SMART Board and Assessment trainer.

Tony Gulla

Tony Gulla, worked for 24 years with Guilford County Schools in Greensboro, North Carolina. Tony has been a Music Teacher, Assistant Principal, and for more than 17 years, served as the school district’s Manager of Operations where he managed the custodial staff, maintenance, and transportation programs for Guilford County’s 124 schools. His umbrella also included school insurance, fixed assets, school security, and energy efficiency programs.

Bob McCarthy

Bob McCarthy, SC Director of Placement, has more than 12 years of experience with the Exchange Visitor Program and Cultural Exchange Teachers. Bob is well schooled in the regulations and administration of an exchange visitor program. Before working in the field of international teachers, Bob worked for 25 years in Washington, DC in the areas of human resources, child and family outreach programs, and federal grant programs. His experience and track record is one of our program’s strengths.

David Long

David Long, NC Director of Placement, has more than 15 years of experience with the Exchange Visitor Program and Cultural Exchange Teachers. Previously, David worked for 30 years with Surry County Schools in North Carolina in the positions of teacher, assistant principal, and principal.

Andres Martin

Andres Martin, COO, is a dedicated results-driven leader who focuses on a people-first philosophy. He offers a proven track record of commended performance leading high-volume organizations and dynamic teams, with a passion for development and a commitment to optimizing employee and organizational success.

Melanie Cronin

Melanie Cronin serves EPI as the ARO and Senior In-House Counsel. She is a licensed attorney in both North and South Carolina. Her years of experience in education combined with her legal experience is a unique benefit to our organization and has proven to be an asset in the support of our teachers as well.

Julian Martin

Director of Placement Services, is obsessed with matching great teachers with excellent schools. With over 5 years experience placing international educators, Julian is committed to partnering with school teams to assess their cultural exchange goals and provide solutions that put students first.

Alison Martin

Director of Admissions, with over 10 years of management experience. Hiring and training skilled EPI team members is her passion. Her dedication and hard work has helped EPI recruit, screen, and select thousands of future EPI Teachers since she started with EPI over 5 years ago.

Jenna Gulla

Director of Florida, works side by side with Florida school districts to meet their objectives in finding the best teachers for their classrooms. Jenna commits to a personalized approach, and her innovation solutions stem from working one-on-one with each district. She and her team measure their success by the success of partnering districts, their students, and EPI teachers.

Jacqueline Gulla

Assistant Director of Florida guides her team to provide tailored solutions for EPI teachers and principals. She is committed to ensuring that EPI teachers have a seamless transition from countries around the world to US classrooms, and she is there every step of the way. She is passionate about professional development for her team, and her strategic leadership style always has the end goal in mind - the success of EPI teachers, and in turn, the success of students.

EPI is a Member of the U.S. Chamber of Commerce

EPI is a member of the U.S. Chamber of Commerce
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