What is Launch Your Classroom?

Our Launch Your Classroom! program leverages different learning approaches to help teachers maximize their development. There are two ways we accomplish this: the Launch Your Classroom! book series and our live show.

The Book Series

EPI teachers receive each book in the series during their arrival orientation. Inside each book, you'll find some of the most effective ways to begin the school year and keep your students engaged from start to finish. We've transformed years of classroom practice and instructional theory into practical advice you can implement now. From setting rules to managing difficult student behaviors, this handbook will prepare you for many of the challenges in your teaching career. Each book also contains a wide variety of infographics to illustrate key points, as well as a wealth of informative videos.

The Show

The show builds upon the fast, powerful techniques introduced in the book series. However, you do not need the books to benefit from the live show. In every episode, our hosts will explore each topic in-depth and provide our participants with helpful strategies that boost student learning. Each episode will also include a live question and answer session, where our hosts and EPI team members will answer participants’ questions.

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Series Host

Kyle Pope

Kyle holds bachelor's degrees in both Sociology and History from the University of North Carolina at Greensboro. He is a former educator who taught social studies courses (including World History, Civics and Economics, and AP Government and Politics) at North Henderson High School in western North Carolina. Currently he works with Educational Partners International as an Instructional Support Specialist. In this capacity, he is responsible for assisting international teachers with their methodologies and instructional strategies to best meet the needs of their students. Kyle maintains open communication with both teachers and school administrators to facilitate success within the J-1 exchange program.

Series Producers

Johnny Penley

Johnny is the Program Media Coordinator for EPI. His career in faculty development has given him expertise in video production, instructional design, and educational technology. Johnny and the Program Media team are committed to providing effective educational resources to help great teachers foster real learning.

Jamie DeMotts

Jamie is the Digital Media Production Specialist for EPI's Program Media team. She has a background in documentary film, animation, and post-production. As a multimedia storyteller with experience creating international documentaries, she brings a commitment to cross-cultural exchange in all her work.